Human Trafficking and Jennifer Chapin Dalton Essay

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Thesis Statement
Prostitution is one of the oldest trades in mankind. Most can agree that prostitution is a nasty, disgusting sin that has no right in our society. Although it's illegal, prostitution is thriving in America and technology is only making it easier. As long as there is a demand from prostitutes there will always be a supply, also it will help with sex trafficking, it will be safer for the prostitutes and the consumers and the money can go back into our society. That’s why prostitution should be legalized in the United States.
Resource: harris, jennifer chapin dalton, melissa batmanghelidj, nahal (2004) Thiland: Government Debates Legalizing Prostitution
Name: Mark King Date: 9/7/14
I. Topic: Legalizing Prostitution
A. Legalizing prostitution is very controversial and there are many reasons why it should not be legalized. 1. It makes the demand for prostitution higher. 2. It promotes sex trafficking.
3. Prostitution is demeaning to women.
4. All of these points are credible but all can be argued as to why it should be legalized.
B. Throughout history there has always been a demand for prostitutes.
1. As long as there is a demand for prostitution there will be a supply.
2. Prostitution has always been illegal but is still a thriving business.
3. Since the U.S. can’t stop prostitution it needs to adopt it so it can be regulated and controlled.
4. Making prostitution a trade will make it harder to become one and preserve the right to who can become a prostitute. i. Because they have to pursue a trade degree the women in the system won’t feel like it’s a demeaning job title just like strippers and