Human Trafficking of Children Essay

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Human Trafficking of Children
Child Abuse: Prevention/Investigation
CJSA2331 8/26/2013

Prof. Billy Conway
CJSA 2331
13 June 2014

Human Trafficking of Children

There have been many inhumane practices within the United States for a very long time. The first being slavery which is where someone is forced or coerced into working or providing certain services without getting paid. Human trafficking is much like slavery but with the worst form dealing with children. To use children for human trafficking they exploit and intimidate the child in question. Then these children are used either to work in factories, prostitution and other services. Many don’t know that child human trafficking comes in two forms internal and external trafficking. Internal trafficking is where the child is exchanged from one state to another against their will. External trafficking is where they move the children out of the states to another country.

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