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The Human Brain: Master of Complexity The human brain is home to approximately 100 billion neurons1. With an abundance of neurons working together, it is no surprise that the brain of humans is the most complex brain of all mammals. The messages that neurons fire to one another are an essential aspect in creating both human's consciousness and intelligence1. This three pound organ allows humans to carry out everyday activities and even complicated actions to be performed by people. However, human's brains have not always been as elaborate as they are today. There are several theories that are suggested about how the brain has evolutionized.
From Apes to Humans: Micro-RNAs One theory proposed that there is only one gene that has differentiated human beings from apes2. Although this research study continued to prove the theory false, it led to how the brain evolved from apes to humans. Micro-RNAs is what was found to be the most considerable reason as to how the brain started to evolve. Six million years ago, after rearranging micro-RNAs produced miR-941 in human form2. Alterations in sequencing sparked a broader and brighter future from our primitive ancestors.
Cooking Food: Legendary lead to bigger brains Another theory considered by Racheal Gorman was that cooking food has modified the human brain. Fire was the largest and most important facet of Gorman's theory. The use of fire made it possible to cook food and was one of the main reasons that humans have progressed to more complex creatures3. Cooking food made food softer and richer in energy which led to smaller teeth and bigger brains in humans3.
Brain Size: Size vs. Smarts Most people would assume that since the human's brain evolution from cavemen times, the brain must have grown in size. However, bigger brains are not necessarily better and research has shown that in actuality, the human brain has become ten times smaller4.…