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There are two different facilities that handle stray animals in the Orlando area. The names of the facilities are SPCA and Orange County Animal Services. Although both of these facilities serve as a shelter for abused and abandon cats and dogs, they have similarities and diverse ways in maintaining and handling the animals. The SPCA began in England in the early 1800’s to prevent the mistreatment of carriage horses. So in 1824 the first SPCA was created. With the original goal of passing laws that would regulate the treatment of carriage horses. The SPCA soon grew to the organization we are all familiar with, which included dogs, cats, and a wide range of other animals and 42 years later, the ASPCA or the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was founded in New York. Since the start of the ASPCA in 1866, approximately 5,000 animal shelters have found their way into America. The Animal Services was established by the Orange County Board of County Commissioners in 1969, to assist in controlling the spread of the rabies virus. Animal Control was tasked with minimizing the incidence of free-roaming pets because of the potential to contract and spread the rabies virus following contact with high risk wildlife. Over 30 years later, Animal Services receives nearly 80,000 calls annually, and processes approximately 23,000 animals through the shelter each year. Animal Services provides service throughout Orange County, including all Orange County municipalities.

If I had an opportunity to work at either the SPCA or Orange County Animal Services, my choice would be SPCA. I would choose the SPCA facilities, due to the disparate ways than Orange County Animal Services method of handling and maintain the cats and dogs. The SPCA of Central Florida is a Non-profit Organization, who do not get any government funding, but all their proceeds that are donated by people and companies and other organization in the community. All the finances and decisions for the organization are made handled by a board of directors elected or appointed by others on the board. . For every animals taken in by the SPCA it takes $350-$500 to return him or back into community and the more education they provide to the public the more willing to help fund the organization. The SPCA offers many Community outreach services, were they help families with their pets, by giving assistance with food, free spay, neutering and teaching pet education. They also reach out to our youth and other organizations spreading knowledge to people in the community and abroad about the over populated animal shelters. I know for me, this is surely educational because, I did not pay attention nor was remotely interested, let me be frank, I did not care about the cats and the dogs in our community. Being in this Humanities Class and hearing and learning about this problem we have not only