Humanistic Perspective Approaches in Psychology Essay

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Humanistic Perspective approaches in Psychology
These two interested me so I decided to write about them for my summary. Today, a lot of organizations are taking the Humanistic approach in advertising. This approach was founded by Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers. Psychologists, who take on this approach, believe in the growth potential of healthy individuals and believe that people must strive for self-determination and self-realization. Self actualization refers the process of fulfilling full potential. It seems that in our society, we are all looking to be better than the next, always in the pursuit of excellence. If we all looked at ourselves as Maslow and Rogers did, I wonder what this world would be like. We have become so consumed with one’ self image, we have trouble coping with life itself. Many of us are suffering from self esteem issues. I see so many people now turning to the internet and the nearest bookstores to find articles and self-help books. Too often, you will see there is contradiction, and conflicting ideas among this readings. It may lead you down a much worst path then you’re already on. I’ve learned in life, we will all go thought negative experience. But you are the only one who can determine whether to let that negativity overtake you, or make you stronger and better.
While searching for an article of interest related to my topic I saw several articles pertaining to the humanistic approach and dealing with a terminally ill patient. That seemed to spark something in me. At a young age I lost my cousin to Leukemia. She was only 3 months shy of her 2nd birthday when she passed. Of course we were all distraught when finding out the amount of time she had left in the world, but she had no clue. My uncle and aunt decided to take her home to enjoy her last…