Humanitarian Intervention Essay

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Tom Hepp Humanitarian Intervention

Unless there is a genocide accruing in a nation it’s not our responsibility. Many countries go through hard times that challenge the nation’s ability to govern and protect its people and may require aid to give them stability, but to have intervention just takes away that states sovereignty and is not the responsibility of the international community. The United States has gotten involved in many countries in both aid and intervention but when it comes to intervening it is just not the right decision. The United States has been involved in multiple interventions that failed and failed to get involved like Somalia and the Rwanda costing more deaths and it should’ve. The United States has been involved in a number of humanitarian interventions some have succeeded and many have failed one of the examples of the U.S.’s failed is the intervention in Somalia. Many people saw the turmoil in Somalia and were calling for some aid or intervention. When we gave Somalia aid it was not going quite as planned because when we would give those supplies as in things like food it wouldn’t truly reach the people that needed it. When the food would arrive the rebel groups of the nation would attack and take the food for them making most of our aid irrelevant. This one of the major reasons that we decided to go from aid to intervention, but it ended up costing us more than expected because our initial plan was only based on being involved for a couple of week but when that started to double in the amount of time we started to become impatient. When this happened our strategies became more dangerous, and in an attempt to eliminate high ranking members in the militia we tried to kill them on intelligence in a known dangerous area of the city costing us lives. Not only did that one failed mission cost us lives but before that there was much gun battles costing both sides lives. This is known as one of the least effective intervention and it has left many nations and the United Nations hesitant to become involved in other countries that could have used humanitarian intervention do to massive killings like the lack of help granted to Rwanda. Like many other countries the United States was hesitant when it came to becoming involved in the genocide in Rwanda. Because the United States or any other country could find itself able to help Rwanda with the mass killings of a minority of their people due to their ethnic heritage more and more people died that didn’t need to. By definition that would be genocide but many countries had a problem making that leap in saying that it is genocide so they would not have to get involved. For if they accept that it is a genocide they have they abrogation to become involved, maybe they didn’t want to get involved due to the fact…