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Geoff Pate
Intro. To Humanities
Professor Chen

Response to Fireworks, by Takeshi Kitano, Nishi loves his wife very much, the love he has for his wife is the strongest emotion in the movie, much more powerful than all the blood and violence. More powerful because the blood and violence only happened because Nishi loved his wife so much, he robbed a bank for her. All though he never says it and rarely even talks to her at all though out the whole movie, it is clear, very clear that he loves her more than anything in the world. He does so much for her, he has to take loans from the infamous Yakuza for help pay for her medical bills then robs a bank to pay off the loan and uses the rest of the money to take her where ever she wants to go and does anything she wants. The fact that he doesn't say I love you or even have friendly conversation with her though out the movie my make it seem like he doesn't care for her much but after watching the movie it's very clear he does. He doesn't have to say I love you, his actions speak much loader then he could. Without the audience hearing from Nishi voice the words I love you for seeing him kiss her or talk like lovers, I feel anyone would easily pick up on the fact that every man killed, every drop of blood and sweat shed is the strongest representation of Nishi love for his wife, and is move powerful then just words alone. "Actions speak louder than words." The difference in culture on Japan also has a lot to play into this movie. Japan as well as many of the eastern countries have a very respectful and reserved culture. They are very polite and speak when it's important and believe in superstition. When the two police officers were having a conversation about Nish's wife and one of them asked about her condition and what was going on the other officer told him to be quite and not talk about it, that it was bad luck. He also yelled at him for keeping on about it, that it was disrespectful to talk about others business, especially someone above you in the pecking order. Japan is a very hierarchal society, you never talk unless spoken too and never look a superior in the eyes, and you must always bow when leaving the presence of someone of power and influence. This is very clear though out the movie with the junior officer and the police captain. And besides his wife Nishi also cares about this boss too very much. This is clear when he visits him and more so when he buys him painting supplies after he is shot and doesn't know what to do with himself. Violence and silence are also one of the most important if not the most important parts of this movie. There is a lot of violence, death, fights, blood, brains, and gun shots, there's even a scene where Nishi turns a rock and a towel into a pretty effected weapon. But keep in mind Japan is a very peaceful and respectful society, and violence of this nature is very out of place and is only practiced in the most necessary of circumstances, and a person of such power and training like a senior officer like Nishi would only commit such violent actions for his wife,