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Griselda Rodriguez
Humanities 10
January 16, 2015

Eros is love as physical lust and agape is a spiritual and intellectual relationship that is more than a strictly physical one. The difference between Eros and agape is that Eros is only a physical attraction driven by desire and lust while agape is more about the soul and truly knowing a person and loving everything about them not just their physical appearance. For example A Thousand and One Night is a tale of over 400 tales put together by a women name Scheherezade who at the time was in line to be the Sultans new wife. Prior to Scheherezade being the Sultans new wife he had many other wife’s who he would use only as sexual playthings and nothing else. Sultan would execute the women after his wedding night because he would get what he wanted from them, which was sex. Scheherezade did not want to be executed therefor she had to find another way then just sex to keep the Sultan happy. She decides to tell him stories that are so grossing but keep the sultan intrigued for a thousand and one nights. The Sultan then sees her as a person and no longer as a disposable item. This shows how Eros and Agape are both involve in this story. The relationship with Scheherezade starts off as Eros being that the only reason the Sultan wants her is for lust and not for any other interest. Then the relationship turns into Agape because she starts to tell him stories that he is fascinated with and wants to here more from only her.
Plato’s definition of love was that of a platonic love. Platonic love is a physical love that can be construed as a good when it is an expression of the need for contact with what is not the self. It is the highest type of love according to Plato because it is a ladder that leads past physical pleasure and upward toward the experience of pure beauty, and experience that cannot be said in words, but only felt in the soul. Meaning that one