Humanities and Business Essay

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Humanities and Business
How knowing about the one, makes the other so much better.

A. Introduction
 Knowing the people no matter what their lifestyle is like.

Listening to a song that warns about ill gotten game.

A movie that shows how faith in what your doing helps you sell yourself 

Trying to make good business is all but a lost art, with so much technology doing things for us like making the business plan, the marketing plan and sooner or later the sales pitch for us, it makes one wonder why there are even courses in business.

What good is it to read a book about a time so long ago that social norm is long gone?

What good is listening to a song for more than its melody going to help you market anything?

How is watching a movie for more than its 90 minutes of distraction going to help you make a good pitch?

No matter what software is made to help make the business or marketing plan, the model they use to make it comes from real business concepts and made by real people that know real business and marketing. You think they used business plan software to make business plan software ?

The Scarlet Letter –

By Nathaniel Hawthorne 1850 ("The scarlet

letter," 2013)

Written in 1850 by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Considered a semi-allegorical; historical fiction.

Covers the life of a woman ‘branded’ for infidelity.

Takes places in Boston Massachusetts around 1840.

A solemn setting, lots of sadness and negative energy.

A small shipping port town that eventually fades away but leaves behind its mark on how people lived and thought in a time that has all but washed away.

How the people treated her, even after she leaves, then returns to live out the remainder of her life

The price one pays for a single choice

Has a theme about what a person is willing to endure for what they place a high value on.

Has a theme about the consequences of deviating from what is considered the “right” path.

Take the money and run –

By The Steve Miller Band

1976 ("Take the money," 2013)

Song recorded in 1976 about 2 bandits

The 2 bandits get away with a seemingly large heist but don’t loose the fear.

Written by the Steve Miller Band in 1976

A song that has remained a hit for almost 40 years

The 2 young bandits run to the south but never stop running.

Has a theme about the consequences of deviating from the “right” path. 

Has a theme about what a person will do for what they place high value on.

Elements of Musical Composition

The melody is of moderate pace and 'laid back” making it easy to follow and the listener is more compelled to listen as a result.

The range is medium, again making the it a more “comfortable” sound. 

The song has a conjunct movement. The melody moves and a connected manner.

The rhythm is easy, flowing like a slow moving stream. Catching the listener it is wake.

There is a soft and easy melody, in a middle range, with a connected movement and a soft flowing rhythm.

Pursuit of happiness-

2006, directed by Gabriele Muccino ("The

pursuit of," 2013)

Based on a true story about the pursuit toward happiness for one single father.

Starring Will Smith, Jaden Smith and Thandie Newton about the pursuit of happiness of Christopher Gardner.

Considered a Biography and Drama, getting Will Smith nominated for an Oscar.

Has a solemn tone, lots of mental pain and anguish, foreboding and trepidation.

Has them about what a person is willing to do for what they place a high value on. 

The use of a visual theme allows for more pointed aspects to be brought home.
It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, so a film is worth millions or more. 

The film utilizes great focus, allowing the viewer to see the tears and anguish on the actors face.

The film also uses great contrast between the humble struggling father and the busy seemingly indifferent businessmen.

The film has great unity, the people and