Humanities: Charles Martel Charlemagne Essay

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Humanities 2/4
I. Franks and Merovingian Dynasty
II. Charles Martel and the Carolingians
III. Einhard and Notker
Aachen- Place where people believed that is where the remains have thought to be found of Charles
I. Franks and Merovingian Dynasty
. Loyalty to chieftain
. As a warrior job to protect king at all costs
. Very violent bloodshed fighting happening at this time.
. Wergeld- every part of the body has a price or value
Powerful chieftain named merovech, part legend and part history
Legend- conceived by Claudio harry by a shape shifting sea monster. Human woman is pregnant. He was second cousin to Claudio
History- good at working with other kings to expand his territory. Also fought off the till of the huns. Because he made allies he was able to fight off and gain more land. Ruled for 11 years.
. clodowech became king of one of the other groups. Part of the other clan groups. Wanted to gain more land.
.Clovis- murdered all of his rivals and sends out rumors. Complains about being lonely and no family. Trying to do is draw out of the shadows is a cousin or family to come unto him and clean the slate of any rivals. Viewed Christianity as a majestic help with him in war.
Settled in the northern Frankish lands. Romans had to offer military support and not overthrow him.
Support of other chieftains
Ally with pope in Rome and any armies
Truce with the Frankish with the war lords in the south of Frankish kingdoms
Inheritance customs- Partible- equal share of movable and immovable. Primogeniture- first born male error.
When Clovis dies he partible to his four sons.
II. Charles Martel and the Carolingians
The last Merovingian king died the Charles Martel is the mayor of the palace and a great powerful warrior and was able to consolidate all of the kingdoms together as one massive kingdom
By victories from the Muslims
Martel is the hammer of Europe
Muslims meet at the battle of Tours, Martels forces them back, “hammered the muslims back across the mountains.”
At his death his kingdom is divided. Between his two sons Carloman and Pepin (the short)
Carloman is persuaded to retire to a monastery from his brother
Pepin had to deal with the rest of the Merovingian`s
Pepin makes a deal to depose the last Merovingian king. He promises to the pope military support in exchange to offer spiritual backing to Pepin.
Pepins efforts helped create the pepil states
Establishes new dynasty
Has a son named Charles the great/ Charlemagne
7 years between 714 and 814 of peace.
Reign lasted from 768-814

Missi dominici

Charlemagne and the Carolingian renaissance
i. Charlemagne builds an empire ii. Northumbrian iii. ….

i. Charlemagne ruled from 768-814
Charlemagne was the grandson of Charles Martel
Charlemagne as Jesus Christ, Charlemagne the crypt keeper, Charlemagne