Humanities: Cradle of Civilization and Medrano Travis Newkirk Essay

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Ivan Medrano
Travis Newkirk
HUM 101
Jan 22 2013
Civilization and Humanities
Civilization to me means the stages in the developement of human society. Where I belive humanites is relevant is because humans have had the greatest impact on earth.
We can clearly see from findings of ancient artifacts that even at an early stage of our existence we became a species of survival always finding ways to avoid death. Such findings are some weapons and tools created around 500,000 years ago. With weapons like the spear that is commonly found weapon can only mean that we at some point made a decision to protect our selves from predators or even ourselves. There were also tools such as stones shaped as daggers and sharpened at the edges to be used for cutting fur from animals to keep warm and to cut meat so that they could eat. We can certainly notice how all this can also be an instinct that we as humans possess.
A more exemplary civilization is ancient mesopotamia which is known as the cradle of civilization. A moment in time were such things as agriculture, mathematics, art, warfare, and so on were developed. What is interesting is how all this became a script that has lasted even until now. It was the beginning of what it really meant to be part of the human race. Such thoughts have developed into the subject of Humanities. Humanities to me is basically understanding how to be human. The idea is to try and understand the human race. Were it involves history,…