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Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright
Archie Lynn Borgonos
Humanities 200
A perfect blend of art, architecture and environment, Fallingwater is Frank Lloyd Wright’s signature residence. Build in 1935, Wright designed a home years ahead of its time. This project is a unique example of modern, organic architecture. The ideas in this house implicit a highly dramatic and original combination of modern technology within a natural setting. The cantilevered house sits on a waterfall. Wright used natural and organic elements in this building, it consists of two levels and give a good view of the surrounding countryside. The house has many levels that connect with intertwining staircases than directly leads to the waterfall. The floor plan form a pattern and arranged in a single vertical element which is a natural stone tower – the staircase. The base of the building is made of natural stone with surrounding stories of reinforced concrete, and walls of glass. Wright’s intent was to place people in a closer relationship to surrounding beauty, the trees, the foliage and the surrounding flowers. Wright has given humanity the hope for existence that is environment friendly. Strong horizontal and vertical lines are distinctive feature of falling water. He creates juxtaposition with the vertical and horizontal lines against the natural flowering waterfall. He also creates a repetition of pattern in the natural slabs of rock with his reinforced concrete slabs. The building’s line, color and feeling they produce are contemporary statements. The design incorporates large windows and balconies that reach out into the natural wooded surrounding. Sounds of flowing water permeates the house even during the spring when the snow is melting. The design is dynamic and yet very human in the softness of the curving waterfalls and surrounding nature. Wright’s passion for Japanese architecture was strongly reflected of the design of Fallingwater. He plays strong emphasis on harmony between man and nature. Contemporary Japanese architect Tadao Ando has stated “I think Wright learned the most important of architecture, the treatment of space, from Japanese architecture. When I visited Fallingwater in Pennsylvania I found the same sensibility of space but there were additional sounds of nature that appeal to me.” The fireplace in the living room integrates natural