Humanities: Short Story and Yoruba Story Collection Essay

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Journal #1 Throughout “Not Even God is Ripe Enough” by Ulli Beier, I was able to connect philosophies on life that I already use in my everyday life to ones that were expressed throughout some of its certain tales. I was also able to build a newfound perspective on the world when it came to certain situations I have not yet experienced yet, but through hearing some of these stories I was able to use other peoples’ experiences as a way to learn from. The title speaks for itself when it uses the word ripe especially to describe what even the all powerful God is not even perfect at still. That title is going against what a lot of believers of god already feel is true because they claim that
God is perfect so therefore he should already be fully developed when it comes to every aspect since he is our Creator. And now that title can justify many peoples’ reasons for believing why life is not perfect due to God not being perfect. “Not Even God is Ripe
Enough” is such a controversial title that can really cause many debates and arguments amongst people that have different worldviews. I personally do not believe that God is not ripe enough but I still took many of the tales into consideration to see if I understood the lesson each one was trying to reveal to me because I felt that it would allow me to continue evolve as a person. After reading all of these short stories from this Yoruba story collection they all had something in common which was fierce amusement to the readers because in many senses these short