Humanities: United States and African Americans Essay

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Excess, Inquiry and Restraint

During the sixteenth century and into the eighteenth century and there were times when it seemed as if freedom, independence and liberty was something that wasn’t heard of and the reason for this was because at these times there was still a monarchy so everyone had to obey the king and the church so therefore it wasn’t really any freedom to do certain things like have your own religion without being frowned upon by others. And since there was a monarchy in these times there was no such thing as independence because that would mean that the people of that country or state are able to exercise self-government which the people of those times weren’t allowed to. When the American Revolution came about one of the dilemmas that they had was whether how where they to promote being independent and free when the institution of slavery was in effect. Freedom was probably one of the biggest things that they couldn’t get past because as and American to say “we are free, but African Americans aren’t because of their skin tone” isn’t freedom at all because the whole country or state wasn’t free parts of it might be and other parts aren’t because of the beliefs in that part of wherever you lived and because of the war and the institution of slavery there wasn’t any independence either they had to fight for the independence of their state and this also leads to why there wasn’t any liberty either because African Americans weren’t given the control of their