Essay on Humanity: Experience and Team

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Experiences Attending University of phoenix for four years I have encountered numerous amounts of experiences. This consists of members not meeting the agreed deadline, team members not being on the same page subject wise, there is also a positive; members giving a helping hand to the weaker team member to assure that all members are accurate on their work. Dealing with these experiences I cannot say if they have been a positive nor a negative experience I really look at it as how to deal and handle different people.
Teams are definitely used in the workplace know matter what job you are doing there must be a team involved. Every department has their hand in a project. For example if you’re an instructor your job is educate the student make sure he/she is knowledgeable of the curriculum, and the advisor job is to assure that the student is taking the correct class based on he/she study’s. Similarity is sport which is more favorable football or basketball. Coach design a play which is feel would be more successful for the team leader will feed this information to the team this is consider to be teamwork in the workplace. Only advantage of workplace teamwork is everyone having a piece of the assign assignment won’t one employee feel over worked.
Stronger Skills Working in a stronger team is a benefit you’re working with more knowledgeable group of people. Each member might be more familiar with something the rest of the team might not be this person can