Essay Humanity: Human and Person

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Ashley O
Mrs. W
Honors English II- Block 8
8 November 2011

Oftentimes it is said that humans are born with a blank personality. Is humanity a function of society? Behavior, ethics, laws, morals, genetics, traditions, heredity, religion, nature, nurture, environment, self-actualization, and a person’s needs all help to shape the humanity of citizens. “Another, possibly the most important, is when a person consumes what is presented to them by the media.” (Schueler).Within the last fifty years, the media has grown exponentially. It all started with the telegraph, then the radio, newspaper, magazines, television, and now the internet. Present day, media has a huge effect on shaping the humanity of citizens, both positive and negative. Presenting a positive effect on society, media has helped to enhance a person’s knowledge. Media has made this large world a smaller place to live in. It has allowed news to travel from one place in the world to another, informing a person about anything. Concerned or curious about what is happening somewhere? Ask the media. “What has happened in the remotest corner of the world can reach us within minutes, thanks to media.” (Oak). Media serves as the best contributor for a speedy spread of news, which can benefit to everyone. Not only do media help a person receive and distribute news, but it also helps a person to learn. “By reading newspaper, the children learn many things, their reading habit increases and their vocabulary enhances by learning new words.” (saching). Newspapers update, inform, and enhance a person’s knowledge. Newspapers are commonly known as beginners for developing reading habits in children. A person can think of the many geographical channels, speeches by higher officials, and quiz programs that contribute to the increase on a person’s knowledge. Using the media in a productive, moral manner, usually results in it being positive reinforcement.
In this generation, with technology increasing, people are more prone to text, email, or call another person. What people do not realize, is that they are losing their ability to recognize language, interact with humans face to face, and adapt to human sounds. People are depriving themselves from their sensory experiences; seeing, hearing, and touching, which ultimately deprives them from behaving in a social manor. “Voices and people represented in the media do not behave or react like real human beings.” (Conscious Parenting Guide). When meeting someone in person, and interacting with them, we get a feel of who they are. A person can find out so much more by meeting them in person, rather than over the phone or video recordings. As a person matures and grows, they develop a sense for people which help them to fully understand other humans. “The effects of television viewing, computers and video games cannot be underestimated: they reach far into the foundation of the child's relationship to the world.” (Conscious Parenting Guide).
Studies show that, “monitored children between the ages of two and four compared their time listening to television and their language development, and