Humanity: Quotation and Phoenix Student Code Essay

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I chose to do Humanity as my human virtue. Humanity is when a person puts aside their own desires and help out someone in need, respectful and kind to others and respect their feelings. You put their own needs above your own at the moment and don’t do it to get something back in return. When I think of those I know that have humanity very clear in their lives, and the two people that always comes to my mind is my son Paul and the marine who came into my life September 1, 2011. Paul always put all people first when he was alive from simply defending a child at school from a bully to trying to help out a girl in class who is having a rough day or the new kid in class. He would give a child his favorite toy or book if it made the child happier or if it brightened up a day for someone who is having a difficult time. Paul had a nail from a miss fired nail gun accidentally be shot into his eye. He spent two months going through surgeries and having to miss school. He finally was able to go back to school and though he had limits he still did everything for everyone else no matter what it was. He was at his school for five months at the time of his death and touched the kids and teachers and staff so much that his classmates so much that the kids put all their money together and had a plaque made in Paul’s memory and have it now cemented in the ground on school property after asking the principle. They have a place now called Paul’s Place where kids can go to collect their thoughts without being bothered by others. The marine, whose name is David, came into my life the day I had my accident. He just arrived back into Phoenix from being deployed and just wanted to get home to his family who he had not seen for a long time. He was almost home when he seen up a head a trucker off to the side of the road and on the other side a crunched up car with someone inside of it. He pulled over to find out that the car had two occupants and her son ejected out and she didn’t know where he was. He found Paul and immediately started CPR in hopes to revive him. He did it for 13 minutes until the paramedics arrived and then realized that he had blood all over his uniform and that there was vomit around the mouth of Paul from when he was in the accident. It did not make a difference to David though all that mattered was what was happening to Paul and me. He cried when they called time of death on Paul as he told me when we visited one time, they train us in the military what to expect when they respond and come back, they never train us on what to do when they do not come back and when it is a child especially. I feel humanity is a very important virtue to have because it shows