Humans...who are they? Essay

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The two virtues, certainty and doubt are very controversial. The doubt somebody has can cloud their judgment but it can also guide them in making a better decision. On the other hand, certainty can blind someone from seeing their true colors of something. In our modern society, doubt is looked down upon; or viewed as a negative idea. Doubt doesnt always contradict certainty, but instead somewhere in between. We have been and always will be afraid of certainty. Generations upon generations have taught is to doubt our decisions and actions and to not trust our minds or heart. People fight for and strive for acceptance and certainty only for doubt to come in and create a feeling of rejection and loneliness. Constant change is certain. We dont need justification if and when someone knows that they are certain.
Humans are too competitive, greedy, materialistic and power hungry. We are caught up in our own worlds, pursuing our own means rather than exploring, thinking and viewing globally. (For most, they don't even know what that means)

"The thing is, is that humans think too much. Animals, think, but then they act immediately, instinctually. They have to in order to survive." Humans on the other hand do lots of thinking, and not enough constructive doing.

"There is a difference between action, reaction and response," said Samuel. You have to know what this means. When we talk too much, think too much, feel too much, we can become confused.

We have a