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Biological and Humanistic Paper
Phyllis Montgomery
AGUC 1209C
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Biological and Humanistic Paper

Abraham Maslow introduce to society a new perspective with a few new concepts, his idea the authentic self is the core of a person who strives for growth and acceptance of oneself. Maslow is a humanistic psychologist who believes a person is push and pulled by mechanical forces and that why he came up with his theory of hierarchy needs (Bellott, 1990).
Therefore, Maslow came up with these needs to determine how it influences a person personality. Physiological needs are person basic needs such as oxygen, food, and water this is the strongest of all the needs because a person cannot live without him or her. Safety needs, when the physiological is satisfied a person controlling thoughts and behaviors and the need for security becomes active. The only time a person become aware he or she is not safe an emergency happen. Love, Affection, and belongingness appear because the first two needs are met these include giving and receiving love and feel as if he or she belong (Maslow, 1970).
Because the first classes of the needs are met esteem can become dominant, a person need to be stable and experience self-respect and respect for other, which help form self-confident. A person becomes helpless and worthless when the first few needs are not met in early childhood. When all needs are met self-actualization occur the time a person need to be and do which, a person was born to do in life. White-collar workers believe the blue-collar workers were only on a job to do what he or she was told to do nothing. Even though a person who is blue-collar work could do the job better and many ideas that would make a job better can make a company more money that was not part of his or her job. Because self-actualization needs which, people need to be personally fulfilled.
Two factors that play a role in a person life heredity and environment factors, inheritance of different traits is important to a person personality. An individual inherit structure and definite way of living, thus influencing the person personality development and how a person behaviors. Environment is the contact between a mother and child who are fill with care and love which, enhances a sense of security. Feeding the child influences the oral personality; toilet training will lead to anal personality. Personality is described by humanistic theories especially, Maslow theory of needs.

Biological factors are important to a person role in forming a person personality; it will determine whether a person keeps or changes the personality she or he is born with. If a person does not have any disorder in their family history, it means the person personality with stay consistent throughout his or her lives. A person allows fear to take over his or her lives, phobias will occur and extreme fears will appears and, a person will lose control of his or her reality. Cognitive label is describing the thoughts process, such as a person may be thinking about living alone canned cause antisocial behaviors but over time could turn into depression. If it goes the other way by thinking