Why Does Confusion Exists About The Definition Of A Scientific Theory?

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Part 1
Why does confusion exist about the definition of a scientific theory? When we talk about science, many people hear the term “theory”. The definition of a scientific theory can become confusing since many people interpret the meaning differently. When a person uses the term “theory” in a sentence it is usually used in a non-scientific way. They assume that a theory is something assumed, but not proven. When the term “theory” is used in science, it means an explanation based on observation, experimentation, and reasoning. It has been tested and confirmed as a general principle to explain phenomena. A scientific theory must be based on careful examination of facts. “A theory is a hypothesis or set of hypotheses that has stood the
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The prehistoric hand axe is an example of an applied science. The prehistoric generation had made a discovery of the microcrystalline rock noting its pure texture and form. They turned this pure basic science discovery into the application of tool making. There is evidence that applied science was more common than pure science in the prehistoric era. Science began in the prehistoric era. Science began in the prehistoric era with the conversion of natural resources into simple tools. Pure science is only justifiable if it is new knowledge and can only be obtained through basic scientific research. Tools were one of the only major discoveries in the prehistoric era. There is evidence however, that several applications were made regarding the advancement of tools. Technique in tool making was passed down through generation, and apparently through trial and error. “Hand axes at least can be arranged in typological series- that is a logical progression in which each stage is distinguished by ever more finely and accurately trimmed specimens…” (Childe 16) Over time, the hand axes appeared to be sharper, more precise, and neater in appearance.

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