Humor Wheel Self Analysis Essay

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Humor Wheel Self Analysis & Description
I see myself as thoughtful, peaceful, and reliable. I’ve found myself to be thoughtful because I think a lot, most times, over-think. My parents would be talking about my father’s shop (state inspection). Then my thoughts would jump to my car, then driving, then the wheel would remind me of roller coasters and I would ask my parents if I could go to six flags. They would give me the strangest look, because I would jump from one topic to another. I believe I started becoming thoughtful because of how quite I am. I just started thinking instead of speaking, possible because my parents spoke so much, I barely got a word in. I would think my responses. I believe I acquired this by nurture because of my environment of my parents always talking and me never getting a word in. I believe to see myself as careful. I always try to think ahead in situations. I’ve found myself being careful when I babysit my nieces. I think ahead, like my baby niece pees herself when she plays at a park and doesn’t want to stop to use the restroom. Therefore I lay my blanket down in my car and have her sit on that. I think it started with her father. He
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I know I’m active because of all the activities I do. I’m in tennis, band, culinary, NHS, FCCLA, and probably some more. I basically spend a majority of my day around these activities, while maintaining a high GPA. This is basically an everyday thing so every day is when I see myself behaving this way. It’s only every once in a while, when I stop and take a look at what I’m doing. I think it started when I wanted to expand my options for a career because I’m still undecided on it. But when I do decide, I want to make sure I made the right choice. I believe I acquired this behavior by nurture because most of my friends know what they’re going to do after high school, and they do what they can to reach their goal. Well I want to be able to reach any goal I desire and what I want as a