Humorous Love Short Story

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Mahogany said, you know to change the subject a bit it is ironic that I always envied her. I thought that I was ugly and fat. Laughing aloud, Ebony said, you are! Okay, girl, I am just joking. Everything got so serious so I was toning it down a bit. As I was saying, replied Mahogany, I thought that I was ugly and fat and always thought Sahara was so beautiful. Earlier today, I was talking to God about His goodness, grace, and mercy. I reflected upon my life. Funny, I did drugs, alcohol and engaged in sexual promiscuity. All trying to feel loved, I was full of shame, guilt, and pain. So Gosh! Kenya, guess your life is better after all.
Kenya said, how you figure, Mahogany.
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I asked him about it and he said she was an old friend from college and that it was nothing. I prayed about it and tried to put it to rest. However, the issue remained unsettled in my soul and mind. Kenya continues by adding that the situation never left her mind and that she trusted God to work it all out. She recalled reading First Corinthian Chapter 7 and thirteen about true Godly love and relationships. However, several months later, an invitation arrived in the mail for his college reunion. His fraternity brother called and asked if he would attend. I have known his fraternity brother only by his pledge name, but I gave my husband the message. We never discussed it …show more content…
The date arrived and we attended. Jokingly, I asked my sorority sister who is married to one of his fraternity brothers if she knew a female with those initials who went with her and my husband to school. She replied no, but said that by the end of the evening, she would find out for me. At the close of the evening, she told me that by all accounts, those initials belonged to a man. She said no female had those initials that had gone to school with them. My mouth dropped. Afraid to inquire any further, I walked away. Moments later, she came over to me and pointed out the male with those initials. It was his fraternity brother. Yeah! The same dude who called the house to inquire if he would attend the reunion. Astonished, I immediately exited the building and asked the valet to bring my vehicle. I left word for him to come now or catch a ride back to the hotel. He came running toward me. I drove the car like a crazy woman who had escaped from the mental institution. I told him to shut his mouth and not to say a word! Finally, I demanded to check out the hotel and fly back to New York. He joined me. I did not exchange any words with him. Upon arrival, I checked on my mother and the children and then demanded to speak with him in private. In the course of communicating with him, I learned that he had a relationship with his fraternity brother during college. He said the relationship was sexual and