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I have done my research and unfortunately I could not find anyone who is defined as a servant leader from Hungary. However, I started to think who could be representing it. First of all, I thought about one of the most popular historical figure, Matyás király (King Matthias) alias Matthias Corvinus, who was a highly educated Hungarian king in the second half of the 15th century.
Based on recent polls, Hungarians consider his 32 years long reign as the country's golden years.
After his death there were many myths and folk tales created about his reign and life. These demonstrate his good deeds when he mingles among the people in a disguise. Plenty of them are available on Youtube, but unfortunately just in Hungarian. The stories are about his deeds, how he rewards the good, and punishes the bad. He is often mentioned as Matthias, the Just.
However, folk tales cannot be trusted always. Recent studies revealed that he was not popular in his lifetime either among the ruling elite, nor among his people. Most probably it was caused by his tax reforms, and his radical actions for creating a solid and powerful kingdom. Overall, he managed to make the country one of the centers of European culture, establish a professional army, reform the administration of justice, reduce the power of the barons, and promote the careers of talented individuals chosen for their abilities rather than their social statuses, I would not be sure if he can be defined as servant