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Chris Hawkinson: Safer Sex Carnival I attended the Safer Sex Carnival at Mav. Ave. There were several booths set up to educate students on safer sex practices. Some were geared specifically for women, for example the dental dam booth which I somehow accidentally managed to miss. However, most booths catered to both sexes very well, I especially liked tattoo and date night booth. At that booth students were asked to write down a date night that didn’t involve sex. I wrote ice skating and got a temporary tattoo. Also spin the wheel and answer a question about safe sex to win a prize Alyssa won a condom rose I won a coffee tumbler. These activities worked well to facilitate the main goal of safer sex practices. The Safer Sex Carnival seemed to me like it was focused on heterosexual sex. However there was booth put on by the LGBT group called fishing for facts. They had a board with different colored fish you could pick from, and on the backs of the fish were different facts about sex and things related to it. This was the only booth I felt had anything to offer in regards to sexual orientation that differed from the mythical norm of heterosexuality. Otherwise the booths seemed to focus on heterosexual orientation that was aimed at the general population of college students. I would have liked to see more booths for homosexuality, especially in that state of Minnesota that recently passed gay marriage. Homosexuality is a topic that has been on the minds of many people and would have been nice to be able to learn more about safe sex practices for the minority group. As far as race and class I felt that any race could hear and understand the message of safer sex practices. Even though the majority of the people behind the booths were white women, I still feel that any class could also hear and understand the message they were trying to get across. Being a white lower to middle class male I felt accepted and welcomed to the event. There are so many ways that