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My Essay Hope Brown 8/21/13 Do I believe that my current society would ever allow these traditions?
I would have to say that sadly yes I believe that things like this happen on a daily basis, because there are things that people do and these events are practiced in different ways. That is my perspective though, but I can also list parts in history where things like this actually happen. Some of the History has proven that we have allowed things similar to these events. Such as the Gladiator games. Where as the first Gladiator games were held on 264 BC by sons of Junius Brutus Pera in their fathers honor. In fact the earlier Christians interpreted the Gladiator games as a type of sacrifice. Then it became a way for servants to duel to their death, for the right to provide companionship to there owners in eternity. As this lead to something horrible. In ancient Rome death had become a form of entertainment and enjoyment. So they started playing the Gladiator games to see who would win, or who was the strongest, who could survive. The Gladiator games were held in Amphitheaters, such as Flavin Amphitheater or the Colosseum. The games were staged after public executions or the Venationes (an animal fight). The people who organized these games are Individuals of patrician often did this to gain political favor with the public. The organizer answered to the name of the edit, munerator, or dominus, and was honored with the official signs of a magistrate. During the imperial period, the Empire were nearly solely responsible for excepting cases with special permission, for these all inclusive public ludi circenses or also known as the games. The way Gladiators were chosen was typically from a pool of Criminals, slaves, and prisoners of war, ocasonially people would volunteer, including women. If you were selected for the games, having lost or never had the rights of a citizen, there was no choice but to comply for these “Recruits”. In some cases the Gladiators were able to fight for their freedom. In other cases such as a criminals they were sometimes thrown into the arena unarmed to serve for their sentence. The games began when two Gladiators were thrown in the arena, as they circle each other, both know that his/her objective is to trap or maim their opponent to rather kill them quickly. But to keep in mind that the fight must last long enough to please the crowd. As the gladiators swing mases and jab swords sand and dirt is flying and suddenly one gladiator is trapped with a net by the other and poises to kill them with a three-pronged tiedent. As the victor waits for the sign from the crowd, if the losing gladiator has put up a good fight the crowd might choose to spare his/her life, as they will then wait to fight on another day. If the crowd was not pleased with the fight put up for his/her life- as was the usual- meant slaughter. Which this is only one example and there are plenty more in history. “The Lottery” is about the town’s people drawing out slips