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For You It Was The Eye of the Tiger and Now We Are the Champions

In 2012, country music star, Keith Urban, released an album in which a song called "For You" was featured. When I first listened to the song, my first impression was that it was about a solider who had got injured in the war and as he was wounded on the battlefield, he couldn't help but think about his wife and kids back home, which made him want to survive. Just the thought of not seeing them again made him realize that he was going to do anything in his power to make his family proud. To assure that he will be reunited with them, his army brothers are there by his side to protect him the whole way through. In the beginning of the novel, when the main character, Katniss Everdeen, comes home from shooting practice, it is time for a select few of people from her district to be chosen to compete in something called The Hunger Games. When her little sister is chosen and hysterically starts to cry, Katniss yells, "I volunteer as tribute!" and in her place, Katniss competes. In the pre-chorus of Urban's song he states, "And I wonder, would I give my life/ Could I make that sacrifice/ Could I take the bullet, I would/ Yes I would, for you," which is a clear example of how Katniss courageously spared her sister from competing. She knew she had a better advantage than her sister. Not a great one, but a better one.

In May of 1982, American rock band, Survivor, released their very successful album called Eye of the Tiger which features a song called "Eye of the Tiger." This song is known as one of the most popular work out/ pump up songs and was ranked number 1 in he US and UK. This song represents everything that has do to with not giving up, staying strong, and accomplishing your goal in life whatever it may be. As the song starts, in the first verse, it talks about taking chances and never giving up. It also says if you have a passion for something, don't lose sight of that and to keep that dream alive. Once the chorus comes into play, it talks about keeping your hopes and dreams alive and fighting for them even when times get tough or if people try to knock you down. Towards the middle and main part of the novel, Katniss meets a boy named Peeta Mellark who is from the same district as she and becomes her partner when the compete. When they first arrive in the Capitol, they can't help but gawk at all the amazing sights they are surrounded by because they were constantly stuck in their district and never got to experience the life out of it. However, they later realize, it is not all fun and games and must come back to reality to fight for their life. In the "Eye of the Tiger" Survivor writes, "It's the eye of the tiger/ It's the thrill of the fight/ Rising up to the challenge of our rival/ And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night/ And he's watching us all with the eye of the tiger." In these six lines, they explain perfectly what