The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins

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“The Hunger Games” What thought flood your mind when you think about the two simple words “Hunger Games?” “The Hunger Games” written by Suzanne Collins is a dystopian fiction novel. This novel guides how society lives today. Suzanne Collins portrays this significance in dystopian elements throughout control, lifestyle and media characteristics. The Hunger Games is set in a dystopian outlook for North America, a world called Panem. The use of scenery is used not to only give intelligence of gloomy world that Katnis finds herself but also to give account into how North America became so infinitely unusual from the world we know today.
The story takes place in a territory once known as North America. Suzanne Collins drew inspiration from the Gladiators of Ancient Rome and the Greek Myth of the Theseus and the Minotaur. There are twelve districts; the thirteenth has been destroyed because of the rebellion. Now the kids from the remaining twelve districts have to pay the price. Each year a girl and boy from each district are picked by the lottery to be sent to the capitol to participate in the annual yearly Hunger Games. They are confined in an arena where they are forced to fight for their lives. The “reaping” is meant to serve as a penalty for the revolt of the thirteenth district. Propaganda has been used to be in charge of the society. For the precedent of seventy four years The Hunger Games have been used televised, overvalued and celebrated by the capitol Panem. The twelve districts terror and can’t bear the hunger games because the twenty three children that die in each annual game are considered game pieces to the capitol. Katnis the main character feels that taking kids from each district to fight and kill each other for the capitols entertainment is a reminder how the districts are at the capitols mercy. The goods produced by the districts and primarily for the capitols gain. To serve the capitols is the primary action of an average citizen. Those living in the districts have little or no technology at all. Having a telephone was a symbol of prosperity. Although the citizens had televisions they were only allowed to view certain programs that were chosen by the capitol. Celebrating and watching the games is torturous for the districts. The capitols necessitate them to treat the games as a festivity. The games are supposed to be merry although kids from the ages twelve to nineteen are fighting against each other to survive. One of the televisions hosts, Effie Trinkit shouts “Happy Hunger Games” when she knows she is about to witness kids fight to death. We can compare this to the reality shows that play on television now where people enjoy watching the cast argue using vulgar language and at times physically fight such as Jerry Springer and The Real World Challenge Rivals. Wipe out is a great comparison to the Hunger Games. Wipe Out is a reality competition show with twenty four Americans asked to complete is a giant obstacle. Twenty four is also the number of the tributes in the games. The producer stated “Basically, I watch the contestants on the course and then I spend time back in post with the editor trying to put together a hilarious show about people falling down.” The capitol watches the tributes fight for their lives and celebrates it. He also stated “I was definitely thinking about my job when I was watching The Hunger Games. Obviously, that’s not set in the world we live in. We see the violence and only feel disgust towards it.” (Box office) At a point Katins was made television friendly. She was told by Cinna to be herself and people would like her. It’s like in society now people try to be who they’re not to impress others. Although people in reality people are more impressed by the one who are able to stay true to themselves and act like themselves. It’s hard to find people that aren’t fake about who they really are. Liberty, Information, and