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Hunger Games In a nation called Panem, which exists in the land once known as North America,

there are 12 districts. Previously there were 13, but because of the start of a revolt against

the Capital, the 13th district was eliminated. Because of this attempted revolt the Capital

the Capital holds the annual Hunger Games. The Hunger Games was literally a fight to

the death in which all 12 districts had to send two tributes to the Hunger Games to

represent their district and fight against the other tributes from the other districts, sending

one male, and one female. Being entered into the Games could mean untold fortune, and

fame, or an unavoidable and unpleasant death. The main female character Katniss

Everdeen, and the main male character Peeta Mellark are the two tributes from

District 12.

The Hunger Games takes place sometime in the future seeing that there are

Hovercrafts, and other gadgets that we obviously don’t have yet. In the beginning of

the book it takes place in District 12, and in District 12 is where they mine the coal for

all the other districts, and that explains why there is a layer of soot, and coal dust, which

makes it a very unhealthy place to live, breathing in all the soot, and coal dust cant be

good for your lungs.

Later, in the book most of the action or main plot setting takes place in an arena

somewhere in side the Capital. Each year the Hunger Games are held in different arenas

meaning different environments this year the arena contains lakes, streams, caves,

wooden areas, and a wide open field where Katniss and the other tributes are afraid to

enter, because there are land mines everywhere and one false step could basically end