The Capitol's People Value System

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Liana Sahakyan
Professor Tamayo
English 097
20 November 2014
The Capitol’s People Value System The people of the Capitol value superficial and carefree lives, as well as inhumane entertainment. First, appearance is one of the important things in their lives. For instance, they do plastic surgery to change their appearances. Also, they have a shocking sense of style and fashion. It is common for them to tattoo and dye their bodies in different bright colors. In addition, some residents of the Capitol have gems implanted in their skin. To sum up, they are enormously superficial, always looking for ways to be noticed. Second, the people of the Capitol value convenience. The Capitol is technologically advanced. In fact, any kind of food can be ready for them in less than a minute. All they need to do is whisper the food they would like to have into a mouthpiece. Also, the closets are programmed to their taste. The technology is so advanced that even the shower has a panel with many different options. For example, they can choose soap, shampoo, and water temperature. All they need to do is push a button. After showering, they do not have to worry about drying their hair; the automated panel will do it for them. In short, the residents of the Capitol live their lives without working or thinking. Next, the people consider entertainment a valuable thing in their lives, especially killing. That is why they wait for the Hunger Games with great impatience. The Hunger Games is