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The Hunger Games Whenever you watch a movie, do you critic the film once it’s over? Do you think about whether the actors/actresses did their part or just didn’t fit in the movie? Most times, I do. I evaluate whether the movie is good or bad, if the actors/actresses played their character well, how the storyline was, and more. But for the movie “The Hunger Games,” I evaluated many aspects of the movie about the gender identities. The movie was really good and exciting to watch because it had action, romance, comedy, and more, but I was so focused on the ways the women and men were acting and how I felt about it. After watching the film, I would assume it tried to resist gender stereotypes. The fact that the main characters, Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), were Americans, and almost all the characters in the film were, would let the audience knows how the movie would be played by Americans. So this part, I would assume the filmed tried to resist gender stereotypes. But when Rue, (Amandla Stenberg) and Cienna (Lenny Kravitz) were shown, I would have assumed they would be Americans as well but they probably tried to resist and make the audience focused more on the main characters instead of them. I thought this film stereotyped the characters by their gender. For Cienna, it seemed like a stereotype because Cienna was stylist in the film to Katniss. It made it seem like he was a slave to her and had to provide all these beautiful things to make her look beautiful and get noticed more than the other competitors because it was his job to do so. But it seemed as if Katniss was the queen and Cienna was her servant and Cienna had to make sure Katniss was satisfied. It seemed stereotyped because of how it was back a long time ago, when African Americans or dark-colored skin people, were slaves to the Americans, white-colored skin people. It had also be the men working As for Rue and her other partner in the district, it also seemed like a stereotype. I would have assumed Rue to be Americans and also her other partner from her district. But they weren’t and so was their district. Besides the gender identities, they play a dominance role between the women and men in the movie. The main characters had definitely showed this between Katniss and Peeta. Katniss was a type of girl who isn’t