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Hunger Games Essay- ATB Various forms of authority always cause different outcomes. The novel ‘Hunger Games’ explores numerous types of power such as traditional, political and social authority. Collins conveys how such authorities can heavily impact individuals as it forces them to make a choice, leading to various consequences. Also, she questions the authority throughout the examples of rebellion in the text ‘Hunger Games’. Traditional authority enforces individuals to make a choice, either to conform or rebel which leads to various consequences. The Hunger Games, a reminder of the Districts’ defeat in their attempt of rebellion against the Capitol, conveys the power and authority that the totalitarian government has on the citizens. The vivid imagery in ‘What’s an Avox? I ask… someone who committed a crime. They cut her tongue so she can’t speak,’ highlights the harsh outcome of one’s defiance against the Capitol. Collins also exemplifies the result of individuals’ conforming behaviour in the rhetorical question, ’What effect do I have?’ expounding how conformity leads to one’s loss of individuality. The submissive attitudes of the citizens are portrayed with the tone of certainty, ‘Maybe, many tributes have tried to escape in the past, I’ve never seen that happen, though.’ a consequence influenced by the fear which the totalitarian government has generated. Katniss manipulates the idea of romance, and rebels against the Capitol by breaking the conventional rigid attitudes between contestants. This is depicted in her action of holding hands with Peeta, ‘the perfect touch of rebellion,’ which ultimately leads to her and Peeta’s survival as they gain the crowd’s support. Collins effectively employs an asyndeton in ’I want to do something, right here, right now, …to show the Capitol the part of every tribute they can’t own’, illustrating the ironic outcome of how traditional authority can bring out one’s individuality. Although the consequences of conformity and rebellion tend to be negative, the alliteration in ’The berries have just passed my lips when the trumpets begin to blare’, depicts how rebelling, by not killing each other, led to their survival. Therefore, Collins successfully argues that traditional authority causes individuals to conform or rebel which leads to diverse outcomes. Political authority, when misused, brings inequality. The power itself is used by the Capitol to divide Panem into two societal groups, ’The pure luxuries of people in power are portrayed in the accumulation ’the supper comes in courses. A thick carrot soup, green salad… fruit, and a chocolate cake.’ This is juxtaposed with the imagery of the harsh conditions in District 12 as exemplified in the truncated sentences ‘Goat’s milk would have to substitute for cream. Need to shoot a turkey to trade for an orange.’ Also, imbalance between the two societal classes is depicted in,’ District Twelve. Where you can starve to death in safety.’ The ironical symbolism of “starve to death in safety” mocks the injustice as Katniss states how it’s impossible for one to Starve in Capitol because of its opulence. Corruption of the political authority affects all the individuals of the society and separates the weak and strong to poor and rich; disparity becomes inevitable. Everyone’s dire situation caused by the authority can unite people despite the Capitol’s power over the Districts, making them rebel. Despite the Capitol’s social strategy of separating Districts apart, District 11 and 12 unite, as