Hunger Games Reflection

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What the effects of that type of society would have on people today.
I’m really coming to see just how reflective the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is on our own society. Collin’s is basically slapping us in the face. Trying to get us to realize that this “horror story” occurring is not all that different then what we allow to occur and what we enjoy to watch here and now. Our culture has definitely become desensitized I believe. Media’s constant coverage of War and bad news has led the public appreciating horrifying events much less than they did 60 years ago. After watching news story after news story of bad things occurring all over the world, I’m fully aware that even I don’t appreciate these occurrence’s enough. I will watch the news and hear of Tornadoes in Oklahoma, then bombings in Iraq, while I feel bad for them at the time I’m sooner unconcerned with the issue because 10 minutes later I hear about a murder in the town I live in. The bombardment of bad news is overwhelming and has definitely de sensitized me in a sense. I don’t think a show with actual death in it would survive in our culture. I believe that enough of our country have enough humility in us to never accept the death of innocent human beings. Especially concerning that of young children. I do think the capitol people have a very strong reflection on our society. Katriss’ viewpoint, it doesn’t seem as such. But if a 3rd world country citizen came to America, they would probably view us in the same