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The Hunger Games The Hunger Games, by Susan Collins is a fictional fantasy novel, but when you look deeper and read very closely you gain a better knowledge of what the author was trying to portray within the lines, not all is fiction, The Hunger Games are real. Organizations have started to look at this book as not only fantasy but go beyond the normal words and see the meaning of the story. What the people are really fighting for or how a small portion of a country can determine the amount that everyone else will get. Sound familiar? Well, all is occurring around the world. In the book Katniss’s father died in a mining explosion, but if he had a workers union then that would have never happened, just like the explosion in Bangladesh on October 8, 2013 if they protested for workers safety. Also in the book Katniss must take the role of the main provider in the family because her mother cannot afford mental health care, therefore she cannot hold a job and many nights her whole family will go without a meal. This type of action is no stranger to many people living in the developing world, where they have no idea where their next meal may come from.
The book also shows division between the wealthy and the poor through the justice system that separates the class of people and racial divisions, meaning that unfair judgment is given towards a certain individuals because of race, sex and or income. This happens in the real world as well, for examples in the United States, African Americans are incarcerated six times more than the rate of white Americans. Like Peeta, the story shows that even with all the negative aspects humanity is not doomed. When we come in contact with poverty we can act upon our generosity by giving to charities, donating food or cloths and going first hand to help the needy. This shows that not all hope is lost that there is caring and love between the people of the world. This is related to when Peeta gives the bread to Katniss even though it may bring him harm, or when Katniss tries to save Rue in the games. No one asked for help, it is human nature to want to…