Hunger Games Sociological Essay

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Soc 1 Sociological analysis

In the movie film The Hunger Games, the nation of Panem is a society very dissimilar to our own. This nation once began with 13 districts, until the thirteenth district chose to take action against the oppressors. They were quickly put down, the remaining 12 districts were punished and were forced to fund two participants which were known as tributes , a boy and a girl of young age to the Capitol each year to compete in the Hunger Games which is a brutal fight to the death. The winner of the huger games is then rewarded with a number of rewards, as well as their home district receives an extra amount of food for one year. The government of Panem administrates these annual “games” as a reminder
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They are amazed at how fancy train is , at the provided food up to the decorations, the beautiful furniture. This also happens when they walk into their Capitol hotel suit. However, appearances are not the only differences between these cultures.

Aspects in society such as stereotypes, groups, statuses, and roles are also relevant in the movie. One of the easy to identify stereotypes and stigmas is that if you’re a “career,” a forced participant which are known as tributes from District 1 or 2, you are most likely to win the Games because young people in these districts tend to be trained in order to have the highest chance to win . When this is mentioned at dinner one night, Effie who is the adviser of the tributes form district 12, tries to establish some words of encouragement by supplying that the careers don’t always win . This then leads into the way alliances, or groups are formed in the Games. The careers tend to band together,in order to get rid of the competition that realistically has no chance of winning faster . Peeta one of the tributes from district 12 picks up on the fact that if he wants to survive, he needs to be a part of the groups that are being formed, he joins them in what because that to him seemed as rational behavior, a purely goal-oriented action. However, at one point Peeta chooses to