Hunger Games Thesis

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“Here's some advice. Stay alive” Suzanne Collins stated in the thrilling book The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games, a scientific fiction novel, by Suzanne Collins is a Violent; Speed-rapping book whose focuses on the theme of survival. This book is focusing in a country whose rise after America is destroyed called Panem. Panem use to be divided into 13 districts but since district 13 fight against the capital, they were bombed and never to be heard from again. After that a game called The Hunger Games which a game when people fight each other to death, was create to remind the 12 remaining districts of the dark ages of Panem. In this violent and thrilling book Katniss Everdeen finds a way to stay alive and survive in an arena full of both dangerous and safe living things. Including 24 kids between ages 12 through 18 trying to kill each other in order succeed and to be the last one standing so they can leave the arena alive.
Katniss Everdeen, a courageous, bold, and a skilled hunter, volunteers as the girl tribute to go to the 74 annual hunger games in place of her sister Primrose Everdeen. Not only did she join a game of death, a guy named Peeta Mellark, a strong, brave, and honest boy, was chosen as the the boy tribute for district 12, who unexpectedly has a crush on Katniss is coming with her to the hunger game. She even becomes the first volunteer in district 12 to go to the 74 annual hunger games. The story follows as she prepared for the hunger games in the capitol.