Hunger of Memory Essay

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Empire is like a state, the stronger it is the more powerful it becomes. It is made up of many states that join in to become stronger but ones you meet a stronger fighter them it eventually is broken down where it began at. The empire consisted on expanding there nations and gain other territories. Theses empires tried to dominate other nations to make them there’s, so they would gain more power as they dominate other nations. Regardless of the face that, the empire wanted to become more powerful they still needed the confidence of the people and their wiliness to follow their plans.

“A self-governing state cannot accept sovereignty over an unwilling people.” (Carl Schurz pg.1) The Americans struggle with the idea of empire by the imperialist that thought that they were trying to take over their country but the reality was not the American where just trying to help the Philippines fight for their country. The struggle was that the Philippines didn’t want the Americans to help them out thinking that they would take over their nation. The American’s struggled to maintain the empire in a good established society. The struggles they face in late 19th century and early 20th century were the low job paying jobs and the factory work. Many farmers in this era had to leave their farms and go work in factories to help support their families. Due to the fact workers in these factories got paid the minimum wage, 40 percent of those workers were paid below the low waged. Albert Beveridge states, “The English people have a natural genius for governing inferior races—a steady head, an inflexible hand, and a superb self-confidence” (pg.6). They both agreed even thou that one was imperialist and the other was anti-imperialist they believed that Philippines were not smart enough to govern themselves. They defined race not a skin color but also a religion. Many of the races that have been targeted during the pass era have been African American’s and