Essay on Hunt: Running and Tree Stand

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The first time I went hunting was one of the most memorable times I have had. We had to get up bright and early in the morning, still half asleep I got all my hunting clothes and gear together and started getting ready for the hunt. It was a very cold morning so I had to dress warm so I would not get cold. As we walked outside to start my walk into the woods I had noticed it was a lot colder than usual which was good because the deer move more. As I was walking into the woods it was a very cold and quiet walk, although nature and birds made it quite peaceful. As I was getting close to my tree stand I heard some noise coming from the brush, so I just waited around for a couple minutes and seen a doe run across the field to the small forest next to mine. So I finished my walk to my tree stand and began to start my day hunt. After about An hour of being in my tree stand all I had seen was a lot of squirrels and very loud birds. I was kind of disappointed that I haven’t seen any more deer yet, and was getting very anxious. About another half hour had passed and I heard something in the corn field. So I waited and seen that it was a deer as it came out of the corn field, I got ready pulled my gun up and waited until I had a clear shot. Finally the time had come and I took the shot, luckily I seen that I had hit the deer but it still took off running. I was so happy and excited I wanted to go look for the deer immediately, but I knew I had to wait a little bit before tracking the