Hunter Gatherer Nutritional Approaches Essays

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Hunter Gatherer Nutritional Approaches
Name Foods to Eat Foods to Avoid Recommendations
Paleo Diet Fruit
Lean Meats
Nuts & Seeds Dairy
Processed Food & Sugar
Starches Clean out all wheat, grain, and snacky foods. Get 8-9 hours of sleep. Throw away your scale. Exercise.
Archevore Diet Root Vegetables
White Rice
Grass-fed Meats
Eggs Extra Sugar
Seed Oils Don’t count, measure, or weigh calories. Get plenty of sleep, about 9 hours.
Primal Diet Vegetables
Meat & Poultry
Nuts & Seeds
Fruit Wheat
Sugar Exercise, helps speed up fat-burning and muscle-building. Reduce insulin intake. Get about 9-10 hours of sleep. Get natural sunlight. Avoid trauma and stress.
Whole9 Meat
Olive Oil Sugar
Dairy Eat raised, fed and naturally grown foods.

Weston A. Price Animal Products
Fresh Eggs
Grass-fed Meats
Fresh Fruits
Fresh Vegetables
Homemade Meat Stock Processed Foods
White Flour Products
Fried Foods
Caffeine Get plenty of sleep. Exercise. Get natural light for vitamin D. Think positive thoughts and remove yourself from stress. Don’t use microwaves.

These diets are very similar. They all eliminate the same foods from daily consumption and recommend generally the same additional points along with the nutritional advice. Almost each of these Web sites recommended 9 hours of sleep and exercise. That is proven to sharpen your mind and keep you focused throughout the day. They also recommended that you get plenty of exercise. That way your body is active and is burning off the unwanted calories or glucose molecules. The authors of these diets take the certain food out of their daily food pyramid because it works for them and can easily be altered slightly so that it works for others too. N=1.
The makers of these diets have your best in mind. They are trying to cut out any food that can be harmful to you. They mostly cut out the pro-inflammatory foods, like; sugar, oils, Trans fats (which are found in fried foods), dairy products, feed-fed meats, grains and artificial flavorings. Inflammation occurs over long periods of time. It can eventually cause severe diseases. But all that can be stopped if you recognize the foods that are pro-inflammatory.

Paleo Diet:
1. Macronutrient profile: Most of the calorie consumption comes from protein and carbohydrates (coming from different types of fruits and vegetables). The intakes of these vary if you are an athlete or not. If you are an athlete then your intake will be higher than someone who isn’t active. The ratio of carbs, fats and proteins are 20%-65%-15%, but N=1, therefore some ratios may vary depending on you. The Paleo Diet recommends lean protein, low carb, and high fat.
2. Impact on inflammation and autoimmunity: The Paleo Diet is anti-inflammatory because it eliminates pro-inflammatory foods, like; grains, sugars and processed foods of today’s society. If you eat enough inflammatory foods then you will develop some sort of disease caused by inflammation, but if you stop eating those foods and start eating foods that reverse the inflammatory damage then naturally your body will no longer be inflamed.
3. Hormonal impact: Yes, living a life up to these recommendations would better your insulin sensitivity and glucose control because our bodies have insulin receptors which open up GLUT transmitters. If you have enough insulin then your body would work properly, only taking the sugar from your blood that needs to be removed. If you have too much insulin then that could result in hypoglycemia, which is a low blood sugar. Meaning GLUT took out too much sugar. If you don’t have enough insulin then you could have hyperglycemia, which is a high blood sugar. So eating a diet that keeps your insulin levels constant should result in glucose control.
Archevore Diet:
1. Macronutrient