Hunting Impact The World In More Ways Than Just The Loss Of Multiple Lives

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Hunting, Independent Research Project

Hunting impacts the world in more ways than just the loss of multiple lives. Hunters Spend Billions of dollars in retail stores on equipment for their big hunt, they also pay on taxes which help pay for land preservation for the animals in which they hunt, and it creates great family bonds and friendships. I believe that hunting helps more then it hurts. Hunting is a multi-billion dollar industry. Hunting generates $67 billion dollars in output and creates more than a million jobs in America alone (International 2002). If hunting were to be banned what would these millions of people that work in retail stores, make hunting supplies, and people who test the objects do? America’s unemployment rate is quite high right now, how much higher would it be if we put this million number of people out of jobs? This will crash our economy and our unemployment rate will skyrocket! If items are not being made and sold how will this effect nature? Nature will be effected in many ways with a big one being state land reserves. The loss of all the sales to do with hunting will be a big loss in tax dollars. Over $200 million are distributed to state agencies to support wildlife management (U.S. Fish 2007). Wildlife management includes land reserves to support animals. To keep animals happy we need the money to clean and maintain the land. This land is for both hunting and recreation for hunters and families alike. Hunting brings families together along with friends. It bonds father and son going out hunting together and experiencing the kill of the sons’ first kill. Brothers compete for a bigger trophy then the other and it also gives friends the same experience. It is a great conversation peace with any other hunter out there (Ferraro 2013). The stories of how the one big fish got away or how you just missed the biggest buck