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Organizational Communication Analysis
For the organizational communication analysis, the organization chosen is the Huntsville - Madison County (Main) Public Library. The Huntsville – Madison County Public Library was founded in 1818 when Alabama was still a part of the Mississippi Territory. It is also the largest in the state of Alabama. The current facility’s main branch is also known as Fort Book because of its fortress like appearance. This facility of the library opened on Monroe Street in 1987 and serves as headquarters for the Huntsville – Madison County Public Library system. The building is made up of 123,000 square feet, has a seating capacity of 930, and houses over 530,000 volumes. The reason why I decide to choose this organization is because of my love for book! I’ve been visiting this library since I was in 8th grade and now at the age of 23, I am still a constant visitor and not because of school work. When you read as many books as I do a month, the cost can add up. So the library is a great place to check out multiple books and many other things for your personal entertainment for no cost or a really low one for a certain item. I mainly use the library for its books.
The library has many rules and policies set in place because of all the things located within the organization. They value their employees help and their ability to handle any situation that may occur. The library seeks to enrich the community through materials, programs, and information that is accessible to all. They also foster learning in environments that serve their patrons. The library is a clean and organized environment to better help its people easily find what they are looking for. There are multiple rules set in place that employees and patrons much follow to help the library run efficiently and with ease. Each division set up within the library has its own rules to follow along with the overall rules and policies of the organizations. There isn’t much of a dress code for employees other than wearing a name tag and looking clean and polished.
The architectural structure of the organization is pretty huge. I touch on it in the history a tad bit. The library is made up of a mostly brick structure and is made up of 123,000 square feet and have a seating capacity of about 930. I believe there are 3 levels in the library. The first floor houses all the fictional based books. The second floor houses bibliographies and other books in that nature, the computer area, and also multiple meeting, study, and event rooms. The third floor is where the administrative offices are located and also the heritage room which is a multi-media resource center for research in genealogy and regional history.
The management team and library officials consist of a Director: Laurel Best, Deputy Director: Sue Royer, Associate Director of Extension and Outreach Services: Susan Markham, and Associate Director of Main Public Services: Rosalind Lett. And the board members are: Lee Jones, Chair, Lady Shivers Tucker, Vice-Chair, E. Cutter Hughes, Jr., Donna Lamb, Carter Wells, and Tommy Overcash, Madison City Representative.
I would say the managers and the team leaders of the organization are consistent in keeping everything running smoothly and keeping everyone on track of their jobs. I observed that if someone was slacking on return books not being distributed back on the shelves a manager would come over and get an employee to start returning the books to their appropriate shelves. Managers only step in when it is absolutely necessary. I believe the organization represents a theory y kind of environment because, for the most part, the employees are left to themselves to complete their job. There might be one or two slackers, but the majority is very good at being on top of their work. The managers let the employees handle a situation in the best way they feel it needs to be handled.
Technology is used a great deal within the organization. All books are