Essay about Hurricane Katrina and Lee Selmon Jr .

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January 2, 2014

Samuel Lee Selmon Jr.
7448 Woodbine Dr.
New Orleans, LA 70126

Debt Management S,ervices
Post Office Box 830794
Birmingham, AL 35283-0794

To Whom It May Concern:
My name is Samuel Lee Selmon Jr case id number 2013326329A I am writing this letter to dispute the debt of $10,846.25 that I owe to the Department of Homeland Security. The problem that I have with this is that I was told by FEMA that I was sent a letter by mail on September 14, 2011, and June 21, 2012 to 2001 Torch Hill Rd, Columbus, GA which I never received because I do not stay at that address anymore. In fact I haven’t stayed at that address since 2007. My current address is 7448 Woodbine Dr, New Orleans, LA. I have been at this address since February 2009. I was told that I was sent this notice but never responded. If you didn’t get a response after failing to reach me through mail why wasn’t I contacted through the email address or phone number that I provided to you isn’t that why I provide you with more than one way to get in touch with me? The point is that FEMA never put forth the effort to contact me about this problem. I also have a driver license which shows that I have been at this address since 2009 which I will provide with this letter. I was displaced by a natural disaster, and had to stay at temporary residents until I could figure out what to do. This is an error made by FEMA that caused penalties and other related charges because there was more than one way to contact me if they need to. Secondly When I finally did received a letter my name was never properly address in the correct manner, so that I would know that the mail was for me, and respond to it in a timely fashion which caused wage garnishment, and more late fees, and penalty’s which I am not at fault or taking any kind of responsibility for because it was your error not mine. If you can find out my current address and my job information how is it that you cannot properly address my name on the mail that I was sent out. My name is Samuel Lee Selmon Jr. not Samuel Selmon which is my father’s name who is deceased, and who also gets mail sent to this address by FEMA. To my understanding the debt owed is a recoupment of the grant money FEMA said I was eligible for. The problem that I have with this is that FEMA asked for documents on the address where I lived after Hurricane Katrina to determine if I was eligible for assistance. I submitted all documents that they asked for I never falsified any information, and I never claimed head of household everything I submitted was legit. The FEMA agent I spoke with…