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“Hurricane Katrina”

On August 29.2005 Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast of the United States. A category 3 rating on the Saffir- Simpson with winds of 200 miles per hour across a 400 miles stretch. Hurricane Katrina hit Florida, New Orleans, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Gulf of Mexico and New Orleans. New Orleans was hit the worst out of all the areas touch by this horrendous storm.

In the United States Hurricane Katrina was one of the most devastating natural disaster to hit the states for many years. Hurricane Katrina did so much damage to the lives and the property of the residents of New Orleans, that it has left a stamp of remembrance for the history books hold. The terrifying experience of winds tearing through towns leveling building and uprooting trees. Seeing waves and water flooding ports, homes and businesses left a brutal bruise on the earth that would takes years to heal. The catastrophic performance of this natural act caused major problems, issues, difficulties, and questions.

It caused problems for the government raising concerns of injustice to the African American people residing in areas of turmoil rather the actions taken were done in a timely fashion are not. Due to the lack of available help to assist with rescuing individuals at cause issues of trust with authoritative

figures among the people. The difficulties that came about was where to house the people for safety and how to provide food and water to the people. The questions that was poised were ones of, could the damage that was caused by the failing levees being avoided.

Hurricane Katrina's damage was between $96-$125 billion dollars. The path that Katrina struck damaged some of the largest industries that brought a large amount of revenue to the surrounding areas. In Louisiana's the sugar industry estimated $500 million was damaged, also 50 chemical plants in Louisiana was damaged. In nearby Mississippi 12