Hurricane: White People and Racial Prejudice Judge Essay

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Rubin "Hurricane" Carter Case Study
Intial Description:
- Shooting at a bar
- 2 black suspects/shooters
- 3 people killed (white)
- 2:45am on Thursday night
Police Investigation:
- 2 black people driving a white car
- Found Rubin in a white car and automatically thought it was him
- Charged in June for triple homicide
- Lafayette Bar, Paterson, NJ
- 3 people from bar took in lazaros to write
- Arby , From bar described get away vehicle
Trial Process:
- Rubin sentenced to life in prison for triple homicide
- 30 years later he was granted a retrail, after many trys
- New evidence was not allowed, it would of been overturned
- Rubin set free for racial discrimination
- Carter let go from 1993 to 2005
- Carter was executive at an association in defense of wrongfully convicted lives in Toronto
Miscarriages of Justice:
- Racial prejudice judge says rubin was put in jail for more racial then actual real hard evidence
- Prosecution proceeded with little to no evidence
- Was convicted by two all white juries both times.

Personal Response:
In my opinion this case was just a huge coincidence. It was a coincidence that Rubin carter was driving the same car as the shooters. It was a coincidence that there were two black shooters and two black people in the car ( one of them being Rubin ). This case was alot of coincidence and thats mainly what police went on. The fact that an all white jury prosecuted him twice is kind of a weird thing