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Dr Wilson book Hurt people hurt people; premise is as simple as the book’s title. She shows how the process of hurting others is a cycle in that; “All of us have been hurt by people who all were hurt by other hurt people. In turn we-as hurt people-all have hurt other people to one degree or another” (Wilson, 2001). She also states that individuals learn child-like solutions to such issues as “trust, identity, and attachment” where become rooted in an individual because of binding shame (Wilson. 2001) .Sadly many children have to learn to act in a defensive or dysfunctional way to survive the abuse at the hand of their family. Parents that tend to abuse where abused themselves and never got the needed emotional healing. Even though
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As the individual begins to work on the deep wounds in their heart and soul and begin to work towards psychological and spiritual health then it will lead towards having a healthier outlook and functioning in the different areas of the temporal systems.
Dr Wilson has also developed an effective multitasking approach in counseling to help client’s develop a positive self concept. Her model pulls together different perspectives within psychology, theology and spiritual perspective. Both Wilson and McMinn agree in that there is a need to develop a “healthy sense of self” (McMinn, 1996). As an individual begins to work through their painful memories and their child-like view of others, God and themselves their sense of self, sense of need and healing relationships are then strengthened. (McMinn, 1996)
Honestly as I read Wilson’s book I had a hard time to find any weaknesses in her approach. She writes in a way that one can not only feel her heart but learn ways to begin their own spiritual and emotional healing. She makes you feel her heart, understanding, and genuine empathy. Some may feel though that her model is only going to be effective when working with Christians. I am not sure if I believe this to be true. I believe that she still gives one a working framework in working toward emotional healing.
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