Essay Hushpuppy: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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In Huckleberry Finn, Huck was born into the South’s poverty. The lands were filled with slavery, corrupt courts, and criminals. The beautiful thing is that Huck’s innocence wasn’t bothered by it. Even with Huck being in those surrounding he was perfectly happy. The only reason why his adventure began was to get away from his crazy father. Once Huck and Jim embark on their journey is when Huck was exposed to poverty. Huck would steal when he and Jim had needed resources. Huck would sneak onto the shores to get food for him and Jim. He narrates his explanation saying, “Pap always said it warn’t no harm to borrow things, if you was meaning to pay them back, sometime; but the widow said it warn’t anything but a soft name for stealing” (Huckleberry Finn, 49). It was at this time where we realize that Huck has been effected.. It wasn’t until the storm destroyed everything that she experience poverty base on their standards. The difference between Hushpuppy and Huck is that poverty did not force her to do uncivil things. Poverty only made Hushpuppy stronger. It made her realize that she had to do things for herself. Like her mom said, “You ain’t nothing but a stupid little waitress. One everything on your plate gon fall on the floo. Aint nobody gon be there to pick it up for you. One day it’s gon all be on you” (Beast of the Southern Wild). Hushpuppy began to see the world different. She began to respect everything that made her and says, “I see that I'm a little piece in a big big universe and that makes things right” (Beast of the Southern Wild).
This intimidated his father so instead of encouraging him he would make comments like, “I’ll take you down a peg” or “I’ll take it out of you” (Huckleberry Finn, 14) to discourage him. After so many threats, Huck, immediately saw Pa as a problem. Pa’s abuse had force Huck out of his innocence. Huck narrated, “I slipped the ramrod down it to make sure it was loaded, and then I laid it across the turnip barrel, pointing towards pap” (Huckleberry Finn, 22). Huck made due until he was able to escape through the sawed wall, he was tolerant. Based on his actions I ask, does innocence have a limitThis would explain why she tries to kill herself by setting her house on fire. It may have been the first time Hushpuppy had experience verbal abuse from her father. After the unsuccessful attempt she tells her father, “ I hope you die, and after you die I gon go to your grave and eat birthday cake all by myself” (Beast if the Southern Wild) she then punches him. Although there are times in life where the unfortunate happens, somehow we all tend to make it through. To overcome time of struggle a motivation usually fuels us through our journey. In Huckleberry Finn, Tom Swayer was Huck’s inspiration because he was everything that Huck wasn’t. Tom read many book, had a stable family, was educated which