Zombies.: It Has Been 10 Years Since The Incident)

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It has been 10 years now since the ‘incident’ now. The zombies have been contained in Colorado (Also known as DISTRICT Z) for eight years now. The world now has no communication with Colorado and no humans are allowed their either. The year is now 2025 now and no zombies have escaped DISTRICT. Until Now!
Blake rushed past the crowd of people, thrusting people out the way and then he saw him. Shaun Frost was in front of him, the best zombie movie director of all time. He was Blake’s idle and he loved the idea of zombies, just like Blake. Blake gave him his novel written by Shaun a few years back to be signed by the author himself. He signed (To my friend Blake Johnson from Shaun Frost.) Blake smiled as Shaun gave the signed book back to him plus Shaun went to Blake’s ear and whispered “Beware of the District.” Minutes later the director that everyone huddled around collapsed...
Within five minutes, police arrived on the scene and quickly lugged Shaun onto the stretcher and rapidly drove the unconscious director to the hospital. Everyone was devastated with what just happened and then a loud voice was heard from the crowd that exclaimed “It was him! The boy he whispered to,” The hoard of people walked up to Blake with a furious look on their face. Blake stepped back and then started to turn back and run away. The next day, the police told everyone that the great zombie movie director had died because of carbon monoxide poisoning. The police stood there watching the miserable until one person in particular stood out of the crowd and shouted “I know who did this! It was Blake Johnson, the 15 year old boy that lived across the street. Blake was sitting in his room playing a zombie survival game called infestation survival stories and then suddenly, the house door fell to the ground and many people ran in.
Blake’s mother ran towards the men to try to stop