Hustle Extract

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In the hustle extract there is a lot of substantial camera work to help understand the meaning of the moving images. We see the use of camera work in the opening scene. The cash in the briefcase is a close up which signifies money and denotes the idea of trade going on and an exchange of money. It then zooms out to finally reveal the characters identity. It uses tracking to show the characters and helps us to identify their identities and locates the scene in which encapsulates the audience.
The two shot with the man and the woman denotes the relationship between the two introducing there conversation and denotes a sense of bond between the two characters. In addition to this the camera work enhances the movement because it uses reverse zoom to an over shoulder shot which involves the audience and shows the dominance of the characters. This to the audience helps them to focus on the realness of the clip. The clip then goes on to show the dominance of the man who is receiving the money with the use of strong facial expressions which grabs the audience’s attention. It then quickly zooms out to shoulder shot to create effective camera work. The use of camera work in this part is called a master shot which is temporarily uses to cut the reaction shots and later return.
The clip then portrays a close up of the authentic ornament. The zoom created a sense of cutaway to what is to be expected later on in the clip. In effect this breaks away from the action shot. It then reverts to two shot with the man holding the ornament and the other one supposedly the body guard watching with expression. The crane then shows another view of the man and woman centering the audience on the main action which is later to come.
It then goes on to a toast with the use of two shot showing the characters deep in conversation and their relationship .You then cannot see the expressions of the other characters which helps to build to suspense as they cannot see the expression of the