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Mohamed Garranah
Kitchen Nightmare Assignment
Mr. Mott

Wow! I have watched many episodes of Kitchen Nightmares, but I have never seen this one. I

have seen Ramsey much more pissed, but I have never seen a restaurant so bad. The restaurant was

a chaos from top to bottom, everything from the front house setting to the kitchen to the

management. The restaurant Oceana, has a prime location apparently and receives a lot of walk ins,

its obvious because the food looks disgusting so I assume that they would hardly have repeat guests.

Givin that the restaurant is in such a prime location there are many obstacles regarding having a lot

of walk ins and trying to get every dish out perfectly.

When Chef Ramsey arrived it was obvious that the restaurants operation was terrible. Frozen

food, expired food, management fighting, etc. The two brothers Moe and Rami along with Chef

Ramsey were the main characters in this episode. There was a lot of conflict between Moe and

Rami as well as Chef Ramsey and Moe. The restaurant had several MAJOR issues, first the

executive chef they had was probably the most disgusting person I have seen, I would like to see

him come to Kendall or Glion and see how our Chefs work. The Chef was not only bad at his job he

was also a liar. There was a part in the episode were Moe said “ It is like he was taking money

straight from our pockets” referring to the chef, so I think the best decision made was to fire him.

Second problem was off course hygiene, the hygiene in this restaurant was 0!, expired food, and

rats! The crabs being frozen for so long and the duck being cooked prior to serve date and not even

dated was extremely unprofessional. They had probably never clean that kitchen after using it and

would probably go home and not even check to see if anything needs cleaning. Third problem was

the denial they had of how bad their food was, I liked how they would blame the customer as

having a bad opinion instead of actually looking at what they are doing wrong, I mean who are they

kidding? Another issue that was bringing the restaurant down was Moe, he is a hot head who has no

business running a restaurant. Not only was Moe fighting with his bother all the time, but he thinks

that he knows what he is doing when obviously he nows nothing of FnB management. He has the

recipes saved in his head, when he said that to chef Ramsey I wanted to just kick him in the face

because he sounded so stupid throughout the entire episode. He keeps fighting with his brother

Rami who actually cares about the restaurant and is giving his time and effort to listen to Ramsey in

order to educate himself to run a better place. The last major issue is Moe firing his staff all the

time, which costs him so much money and negative work environment. Moe can not be a leader he

has no qualities of being one, he can not support, motivate, or even coper-ate with his employees.

There is nothing positive to say about this restaurant, I would