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Management and Leadership
MGT 330
November 16, 2014
Management and Leadership
I will be taking a closer look at the Target Corporation and try to differentiate between management and leadership. I will also describe the roles and responsibilities that organizational managers and leaders play in creating and maintaining a healthy organizational structure. I will go on to evaluate the effect of globalization and management across borders then recommend at least two strategies that organizational managers and leaders can use to create and maintain a healthy organizational culture.
The Target Corporation has a label for their employee groups. For example, everyone is considered a leader that is in management and the rest of the employees that work on an hourly wage are considered team members. The difference between being a leader and management is that a manager’s job is to organize, plan and coordinate different projects. A leader’s job is to support, motivate and inspire. Target uses all of these characteristics in a person to make them an all-around team player. Because Target Corporation is so big and continues to strive to make their products better as well as their clientele happy, they must make sure that their staff is readily equip to help the clientele’s needs.
When the Target Corporation hires a team leader (manager) they tend to look for certain traits that the person may have. For example, when looking to hire a team leader, Target prefers to hire those with motivation to oversee the guest services and merchandising of two to three departments with sales ranging from $2 million to $9 million. They would also like to hire those that act accordingly on duty as well as opening and closing of the stores. Target would also like an individual who can assist with the hiring and firing of team members as well as an individual who is willing to learn and develop more thru training, interacting with guests and team members. The requirements that Target is asking for when becoming a candidate as a team leader are: a four year college degree, supervisor level experience, proven conflict management skills, as well as the ability to communicate clearly and effectively in all situations, great interpersonal skills.
Assistant managers, executive team leader, role is to lead a specific area of the store, including guest experience, human resources, sales floor, logistics, and assets protection. The role of the executive team leader is also to motivate a team of 30 to 60 team members and leaders to improve Target shopping experience. The role that the store team leader, general manager, plays is that they lead about 200 team members. They also lead to make sure that the stores sales, profits, and guest experiences are met. General team members also must create a great looking store as well as develop executive and store teams to make sure that the business is successful. General team members also connect with the teams through leadership by encouraging collaboration and rewards.
District team leaders, District Manager, lead a group of Target stores to get the most for their money out of the product that is sold; they also make sure that the guest as well as the team member gets the most consistent performance and deliver exceptional guest development. District team leaders are also responsible to manage about 1,500 team members. They must also motivate store leadership and teams to achieve the best results possible while trying to set the best example for the team members. Together with the help of the executive team leader, team leader, and team target is able to maintain a healthy and prosperous corporation.
Globalization and management seem to be the same across the board with the Target Corporation. Target offers a lot of opportunities for team members to develop their talent. During the hiring process, the team member and the Human Resource personnel work on professional development goals to help the team member’s