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Managing Transitions - Chapters 4

1) What is your author’s definition of the neutral zone?

2) How would you describe peoples feeling during the neutral zone?

3) Explain how the neutral zone can be a creative time?

4) What does it mean to normalize the neutral zone and why is that so important?

5) Explain how creating a temporary system or using a transition monitoring team can strengthen the neutral zone. Be specific.

6) Make a bullet list using your own words to give yourself tips on being creative in the neutral Zone. Uses pages 50 and 51 as well as the checklist on page54 and 55 as a guide.

7) Read Appendix (C) to understand how to set up a transition monitoring team.

8) Why is communication so important during the neutral zone?

Managing Transitions - Chapters 5

1) Describe the 4 P’s. List each specifically and explain the principles.

2) Read Appendix (B) and explain the importance of planning the transition.

3) Sometimes management misses the boat when it comes to defining the purpose. Why is that? What factors should be considered when defining the purpose for change. Make yourself a short list.

4) Why is a picture so important to helping employees buy into change?

5) Tell what you author means by the Marathon effect.

6) Discuss the meaning of giving employees a part to play.

7) Describe the 4 rules of reinforcing the new beginning.

8) Make yourself a bullet list of things to remember when…